A note from the webmaster: "Having lived in Nolensville, Tennessee all of my life, I have seen so much change and growth happening in town. With so many people moving in, for many who have lived here for 20+ years, it feels like we're losing a lot of that small town charm. That charm where you go out to the store and you know everyone inside. That charm where you know exactly who to call on if you have an issue or a job that needs to be done. That's why I created Nolensville Business. With all the growth happening, I want to make sure that people know who to turn to when they need something - our small town entrepreneurs and business owners. My goal for Nolensville Business has always been to facilitate economic growth in Nolensville by promoting and recognizing all the amazing talent in our town. With the constant changes, this is a continuous work in progress. If you live in Nolensville, I encourage you to look around and see what our town offers."


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